On Sunday, we begin our week by gathering for worship.

First, at 9:30 am. The service to some may seem quiet and conservative but it is really a dialogue with God. After being called to worship, we begin by praying to the Lord God for help. This is followed by a greeting from God. As the dialogue continues God speaks through the reading and preaching of His word and we responding to God through prayers and singing and giving.[1] This service includes the reading of the Ten Words of God’s Law, the Ten Commandments.[2] The service closes with a blessing from God to His people, follow by a doxology of praise to God.

After the 9:30 am service, we usually have a time of fellowship as we greet and talk with one another in the foyer and hallways of our church building before we go home as families for lunch.

We gather again at 2:30 pm. This service continues similar to our 9:30 am service. The two services are meant to go together. At the 9:30 am service the Lord speaks the Ten Words of His Law to us, whereas in the afternoon service we respond by together confessing our faith, using the Apostles Creed.

Following the 2:30 pm service, we usually have a time of fellowship, including refreshments in our church building fellowship hall. At the same time, there are Sunday school classes for children ages 3 through 11 and junior catechism classes for those age 12 and 13.

  • Our pew bible version is The New Kings James Version. Our song book is The Psalter.
  • Often one of the sermons each Sunday use the Heidelberg Catechism provide guidance in which Biblical themes and passages to expound on.


[1] Giving is a free will offering. We pass two offering bags. The first is a general offering for the church. The second is a special offering for a designated special need.

[2] Why it is good to read the Ten Commandments every Sunday.
Some may wonder about the weekly reading of the Law the Ten Commandments. When we hear the word “law” we think so often of a list of do’s and don’ts, which it is, but remember: the law is also the gospel. That is: when we do what the law tells us NOT to do, and we don’t do what it tells us TO DO, the law shows us our sin. And that’s gospel…that’s good news. Because it’s only if we see our sin, that we will seek a saviour. And if we seek a saviour we will find none better then Jesus Christ. So when we begin with the law every Sunday morning, we’re really beginning with the good news of Jesus Christ. So may God use the law, as we now read it, to show us our sin; then show us Jesus Christ who is saviour from all our sin.